Women drivers are on the rise…but is it enough?

Posted: July 22, 2019

It’s pretty easy to look at the trucking industry and see that this is a field that has historically been dominated by men. In recent years, the industry has slowly made changes to attract a more diverse workforce in trucking and at all levels of leadership. Some of these changes include implementing home time schedules and benefits that appeal to all different types of drivers. Many carriers have also been taking positive steps to ensure they have a safe and supportive environment for women.

Our industry is changing and it’s working. Research from the Women In Trucking Association (WIT) and the National Transportation Institute (NTI) showed that the industry overall saw a 1% increase in female drivers in 2017, while some carriers increased their female drivers by as much as 28%. Of the carriers surveyed, 75% of them included women in director or board positions. However, though there are more women getting trained to become truck drivers than ever before, the need in the industry for women in this field is also growing.

With a large number of drivers heading towards retirement and an increase in the need to transport goods around the country, the industry is still facing a driver shortage. Women still represent only a small percentage of drivers. Statistically, women drivers have fewer moving violations, lower truck insurance costs and facilitate a more friendly work environment. Companies that empower women in leadership positions enjoy diverse perspectives and are able to mitigate risks more easily. It also isn’t enough to just create places where women want to work. It’s also important to educate the public about an industry shifting more towards family-friendly schedules, new safety measures and changing company cultures.

Big G Express supports women in the trucking profession. We’re proud to offer female drivers a workplace where they can feel safe on the road and experience significant career success. For more information about a career with us, visit www.biggexpress.com.

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