The Biggest Challenges Facing Women in Trucking

Posted: June 4, 2019

It can be hard being a female truck driver. Breaking into a historically male-dominated industry can be a daily challenge. It can require you to have thick skin, take additional safety precautions and have the determination to succeed. Even though the trucking industry as a whole has made strides in recent years, we still have a way to go. So, what are the major challenges that women in trucking still face today?

Safety is a big one. The Women in Trucking Association (WIT) and Sawgrass Logistics put together a survey asking female truck drivers how safe they felt while on the job. On a scale of 1-10, the result was a staggering 4.4. Factors that contribute to how safe women drivers feel include access to safe parking and facilities and a respectful work environment.

A lack of female truck drivers in the industry also means that there’s a shortage of female driver trainers. This requires many women to work with a male trainer instead. Women are often subject to harassment by their male trainers, co-workers and even other drivers on the road.

Work-life balance is also a major challenge to women thinking about a career in trucking. Our industry has a reputation of having drivers out for weeks at a time at the sacrifice of their home life. Drivers are asking for more home time, flexible scheduling without sacrificing their income and healthcare benefits that support drivers’ families. This is one of the reasons we gladly offer consistent home time, competitive benefits package and a family-focused mission. Our drivers get home most weekends and we always try to accommodate special requests so you can be with your family.

At Big G Express, we’re proud to be on the forefront when it comes to changing the face of our industry. We value our female drivers and want women to feel welcome and safe when they join our team and build their careers here. Our company is in the business of investing in our people and focusing on what our drivers need for success. We’re committed to working with organizations like WIT to ensure that our industry continues to grow in diversity and becomes a welcoming career path for all people.

Are you a woman in the trucking industry? What have been your biggest challenges in your career?

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