Having a furry family member on the road with you has many benefits

Posted: March 30, 2020

We know that one of the downsides of a truck driving job can be loneliness as you spend hours with just your own company. Many truckers have found the answer to this is to bring their four-legged family member along for the ride. One study found about 40 percent of truckers take pets—mostly dogs and cats—on the road with them. These furry friends offer not just fun and companionship but also help truckers’ physical and mental health by relieving stress and loneliness, getting the driver out of the truck into the fresh air, and potentially providing added security. So, having a pet with you as you go about your workday can have a lot of perks but be sure you’re prepared for their needs on the road.

If you’re bringing along your pooch, take some time to doggie-proof your truck. Make sure there isn’t anything they will damage through chewing, both for their health and the health of your truck’s interior. Keep snacks and treats out of their reach. Keep paperwork in a place where it’s not going to get damaged by muddy paws. It’s a good idea to take your dog out for a few test-drives to get them used to the motion of the truck and to teach them to stay put while you’re in motion. Invest $20 (or less!) in a dog seat belt that is designed to keep them safe in the event of an accident; they also work to keep your dog confined to a limited area. Pack the necessities like dog food, treats, and water as well as a couple of bowls to put them in. You’ll want a leash or harness for walks and potty breaks. Also, have cleaning supplies to address any accidents and toys or dog chews to keep your friend from getting bored.

If your buddy is of the feline variety, you have a few other preparations to make. Again, you’ll need food and water bowls, a comfortable place for them to sleep or chill out while you’re driving and maybe a scratch pad so they won’t be tempted to shred your seat covers. While cats are generally lower maintenance than dogs, you will have to deal with a litter box. Contrary to popular belief, litter boxes don’t always smell. If they’re tended to regularly, the litter box should smell like the litter, not what your cat deposited in it. Use scoopable litter, clean it once a day and deep clean it once a month. For added smell protection, sprinkle in a box of baking soda. Just like with dogs, you’ll want to get your pet ready for the road. Start putting your pet cat in your truck while it’s off. Place their favorite toys and blankets inside the cab and let them play and explore so they start to feel at home.

We know that there are truck drivers out there with birds, lizards, snakes and even goldfish on the road with them but these tips fit most of us who like having either a pet dog or cat as our companion on the road. 

At Big G, our pet policy allows you to enjoy the company of your non-aggressive-breed dog or cat that is under 50 lbs. as you get steady miles and great earnings.

If you’re with a carrier that does not provide this benefit, we invite you to join us at Big G. Visit us at driveforbigg.com to learn more or get started!

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