Big G named a Premier Carrier by FourKites

Posted: April 22, 2020

Big G was recently named a Premier Carrier by FourKites, the leader in predictive supply chain visibility. The list of carriers from FourKites showcases 234 brokers, carriers and 3PLs that achieved the highest standards of visibility-related operational excellence, as demonstrated by their ability to provide high-quality, consistent, accurate data on the vast majority of their loads – even as the COVID-19 pandemic puts enormous stress on the supply chain as a whole, and carriers in particular.

Why is this data so important?

As we navigate this time of uncertainty, many industries are being called upon to provide consistent and up-to-date data to better understand how our communities and economies are being impacted by COVID-19. Trucking is one of the many industries our nation depends on to work sunup to sundown to help meet the demand for medical resources, sanitation supplies, food, and much more. Shelves are being wiped clean at increasing rates while truckers wait in line for hours to pick up new loads. For shippers to adjust to this massive spike in demand, they need the carriers that have adapted to the pressure of COVID-19 to provide accurate supply chain data to keep the economy moving smoothly. Without this data, Americans could see shelves go unstocked for weeks and hospitals left without essential medical supplies to treat patients.

What does it mean for Big G to be named a premier carrier during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Big G and the carriers featured on FourKites’ Premier Carrier list are some of the most sought-after carriers by Global Fortune 1000 shippers. In previous years, the community of shippers within FourKites has spent more than $36 billion a year in freight, but things are looking different now for many throughout the industry. With demands for essential supplies skyrocketing, these shippers are desperately in need of accurate information to ensure that their shelves can be restocked. FourKites recognizes Big G Express on this list as a trailblazing carrier that has qualified since the list was first created, because of our ability to quickly adapt and provide consistent data to shippers. Maintaining those relationships and keeping communication open has been imperative to the success of Big G during this pandemic. FourKites’ founder and CEO Mathew Elenjickal stated, “The carriers on this list are performing at the highest level and demonstrating on a daily basis the value of real-time logistics data to everyone in the supply chain – from the manufacturers and shippers of goods to the carriers, truckers and ultimately, consumers.”

Truck drivers to the rescue

Big G Express takes great pride in this recognition from FourKites. We’ve been asked to come together as a nation to be stronger and fight this infectious disease. For some of us, that means we need to stay at home and do our part to flatten the curve. But for truck drivers, they’re tasked as essential workers to work on the frontlines. These men and women are spouses, family members, and neighbors to us, but they’re working tirelessly to meet the climbing demand for essential goods.

Congratulations to everyone at Big G whose hard work makes this recognition possible but especially our truck drivers who have become the superheroes of our nation, carrying us through the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Next time you see a truck driver cruising down the highway, be sure to give them the trucker salute and remember that not all superheroes wear capes -- some drive trucks!

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